Living with Alpacas

Living with Alpacas will be a seasonal article about what I’m learning as I go through the process of caring for these amazing animals.  I’ve already grown from three Suri alpacas to 13 and I only have one acre of land to devote to them.  Hmmm.  How will I do this?  I’ve got a plan, so stay involved to find out how we’re making it work.

For more barn views, please click here, but come right back to talk about life on the farm!

Our Yarn, Now Available 

Please contact us to find out more about the beautiful 200 yard skeins of our Suri yarn.  Most is pure Suri, and ranges from lace weight to super bulky rug yarn.  Our fingering weight and sport weight yarns are especially wonderful to work with.  They absolutely glide through your fingers and your finished piece will be soft, hypo-allergenic, and something to treasure for a lifetime!  Prices from $19 – $35 a skein.  Rug Yarn is available in 100 yard bumps, white or multicolored brown wrapped around a soft cotton cord.  Get crafty!

Click on this short video to see a day on our farm!

This short video was made by Hannah Schroeder, a student at Ohio University.

It’s only three minutes and you will learn a lot about our farm.  It’s FUN to watch, too! Click here to watch Alpaca Life!