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  • 3 ply sport weight

3 ply sport weight

Currently Unavailable
  • Per Ounce $7.00


100% Suri - 2 ply fingering, 100% Suri - 3 ply cabled worsted weight, Suri/Panda Top (superfine merino, bamboo,mylon) 80/20%

These yarns are available now at our shop or we can ship them to you.  
$7 per ounce, we can customize the size of your skein - 100 or 200 yards.

Left to right is Firebird, a female with baby alpaca softness. Middle is Bella, our most lustrous female who is absolutely georgous, and the twist is Rocko/Choco twisted.  Both males are blue ribbon winners (Rocko is a 7 time Color Champion!)